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How to get a text or password from a control or window

Help | How to get a text or password from a control or window

A brief description of the GrabWinText program at the beginning.
The program allows you to retrieve texts from controls, even hidden passwords behind asterisks.
The password can also be obtained from a web page in the browser: Internet Explorer (MSIE) from version 5.0.

You can use the program to get texts from the list (combo-box and list-box)
or get an image of the selected control or window.
The program also allows you to automatically:
  • Make controls visible
  • Enable controls
  • Copy the captured text or image to the clipboard
These options can be enabled on the Settings tab.

The password hidden behind the asterisks can only be retrieved when the password is real
stored after asterisks, some programs set real asterisks instead of a password.

Follow these steps to get your password:
  1. Run GrabWinText and minimize the program to the taskbar
  2. Launch the program (display the password dialog) or the webpage ,  where the password is followed by asterisks
  3. Maximize or restore GrabWinText from the taskbar  and move the program window so you would see password box or page. Click the Less button to shrink the GrabWinText window.
  4. Click the icon with the left mouse button  (hold the button all the time), magnifying glass hover over the box  or a page (anywhere) with an asterisked password
  5. If the password is detected, it will appear in the box: Text in GrabWinText