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What is a public and non-public IP address

Help | What is a public and non-public IP address

  • The public IP address:
    • enables accessibility of your computer from anywhere in the Internet network and it is possible to use direct connection of protocols TCP/UDP that are used by most of the communication programs
    • However, there is a higher risk of an electronic attack, therefore it is recommended to protect the computer with a Firewall Gate or with network features (routers) have already got implemented e.g. protective features including Firewall gate and cover the whole local network connected to Internet.
  • Non-public IP address:
    • Enables accessibility of your computer only in the Intranet network or in the part of the Intranet network of your Internet provider
    • There is a lower risk of electronic attack from the Internet but this risk cannot be downplayed because in case that a computer in the provider's network is attacked, the risk is the same as if the computer had a public IP address. Furthermore, the attacker could get hold of the provider's network as well.
Therefore we recommend:
  • In any case protect your computer with the Firewall gate:
    • Whether it has or not a public IP address
    • Whether it does contain or not important information
    because such an unsecured computer may become attackers' stepping stone to attack more computers
  • The RAC system has got enough of security features and using combination of these features you may exclude the risk of unauthorized misuse of your computer.
    For safe control of your remote computer we recommend:
    • Set your password using 8 characters minimally
    • Combine your password using letters and digits or possibly in capitals
    • Use Logging with authorization key
    • Use Locking Accounts or at least Message Sending to the e-mail address regarding RAC Server events
    • With the user accounts use the administrator properties for possible option of disconnecting unauthorized users
    • Use DNS or IP filter in case that you log on from static places
    • Enable the Computer Shutdown service in case that your computer is attacked by an unauthorized person or by an electronic attack etc. because in such a case the best solution is to switch the computer off and remove the cause of the breakthrough locally without any physical connection of the computer to the Internet/Intranet network