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What is now being prepared:

  • for the ability to control a computer connected to VPC via Web Browser. Allow file transfer.
  • Connection via VPC:
    • PC can be turned on via WOL through a connected PC to VPC located in the same network as the PC that will need to be turned on
  • Full control and browsing:
    • possible starting of favourite programmes after connection to a remote PC
  • Starter and Task Scheduler. A number of actions will be possible to set on specified connections in the Starter and Task Scheduler. It will be possible to start a task manually or task starting can be scheduled. List of possible actions:
    • turning PC on via WOL or VPC WOL
    • command starting
    • folder synchronisation
    • file operations
    • service management
    • process management
    • message sending
    • remote PC restarting/turning off
  • For connection via VPC:
    • grouping of more VPC accounts into one VPC account
    • possible setting of VPC account locking to increase safety
  • Ability to connect more services within one connection.
  • Full control or Viewing Only
    • new tool panel without setting buttons
    • quick switching between multiple monitors
  • Remote help
  • Regarding records on connection, automatic checking the connection availability
  • Transfer of audio from remote computer

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