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How to add connection needed to get linked to a remote computer

Help | How to add connection needed to get linked to a remote computer

Proceed in the following way:
  1. Select folder that you want to add the connection to or create the needed folder
  2. In menu Connection click on command Add a New Connection
    1. The command can also be executed through:
      1. Tool panel Standard Buttons
      2. Pressing the Insert button
      3. Context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the list
  3. In dialog box ( sample, sample) :
    1. Enter some text into the Name of Connection item, e.g. according to the name of the target computer or its location.
      The item does not have any influence on connection.
    2. Into the Network Address item, enter IP address, DNS or name (alias from hosts table) of the remote computer
    3. Into the User Name item, enter your log on name for the remote access to RAC Server that you created or that was assigned to you
      • in case you do not want to have your password saved,
        do not enter the password; you will be asked for entering it before the connection.
        The same process applies for the username.
        If you want to save the password, click on the Set passwordbutton,
        in dialogue window enter the password and then hit the button OK.
        Then tick the box Save password.
    4. If you do not want save the password do not enter it, you will be asked to enter it before the connection is made.
      The same applies to user names.
      Otherwise if you want to save your password, click on Set password button and in dialog box enter your password and click on the OK button.
      Then check the Remember password box.
    5. If your account is based in Domain item, enter the domain name
    6. In the Setting group you may set properties of the services
    7. Select a service in the Connect Service Implicitly group that you will be connecting to
    8. Finally click on the OK or Connect button

With the created connection you may:
  1. Open to change properties:
    1. By clicking on the Connection Properties command in the Connection menu
    2. Through the Standard Buttons tool panel
    3. By pushing the Enter key on the selected record
    4. Through the context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the list
  2. For connecting to remote computer:
    1. In menu Connection clicking on the Connect command
    2. Clicking in the Connect menu
    3. Through tool panel Connect
    4. By double left-clicking on the selected list
    5. Through the context menu by right-clicking on the selected record

If in connecting you do not use the option Connect Service Implicitly,
the connecting to the service runs in mode selected in menu Mode.