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Frequent faults or defects during installation and setting

Help | Frequent faults or defects during installation and setting

  • Connection Through Router:
    • TCP port 8600 is not redirected to router ( How to connect through server (Router) Open in a new window )
    • IP addresses in the remote network are not fixed, the redirection of the TCP port to router does not work,
      invalid IP address is used.
      Switch off DHCP in the local network or set DHCP so that the IP addresses of computers are unchangeable (fixed).
  • The exception in the Windows® Firewall Gate not created
  • The exception in another Firewall Gate not created,
    e.g. some antivirus programs or security programs have an integrated
    Firewall Gate that is already preinstalled without you even knowing it
  • When changing the IP address of a remote computer (new computer, new operation system installation, new network card etc.),
    the change of settings of the redirected TCP port to router is not made to the new IP address
  • When changing the TCP port of the RAC Server, the TCP port in the properties of connection in RAC Client is not changed
  • Confusing the local or unpublic IP address with the public IP address ( What is a public and non-public IP address Open in a new window )
  • Installing RAC Server under the user who does not have the full rights for software installation
  • The account for accessing the RAC Server is not created ( How to add an account Open in a new window )
  • IP address of the computer is dynamic, not static.
    At present the computer already uses a different IP address.
    In the local network we recommend setting a static IP address.
    In extensive networks we recommend you connect to your own VPC server.
    On the Internet we recommend you connect to computers through a VPC server.
  • When connecting to the computer in the local network, a local IP address is not entered.
    If the remote computer is connected to another network, it can have another IP address.
    This IP address cannot be used in the local network.