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  • 26 October 2007
    New version 3.3.1 of RAC Client and RAC Server released.
    • RAC Client:
      • Enabled setting for disabling desktop background even in the Viewing Only and Recording modes
      • Layered windows properties moved to a new tab Upper Layered Windows
    • RAC Server:
      • Optimization of switching off the desktop background in logging or switching users
      • Enabled displaying Desktop Background for an account
  • 15 October 2007
    New version 3.3.0 of RAC Client and RAC Server released.
    • The possibility to switch off the desktop background in the process of control.
    • The possibility to switch the Connection Properties dialog for setting
      only basic properties or to extended setting.
    • In the Properties of Remote Control dialog the Automatic Setting
      tab was changed to Performance, and the related tabs were put to this tab.
      The tab was changed to allow setting most of the properties related to performance.
      Furthermore the Buffer tab was added to this dialog and the properties from the basic tab
      were moved there. Also Desktop and Effects tab was added.
    • The RAC Server main window was separated to two tabs of Control Panel and Status.
      The Control Panel allows quicker and better arranged access to setting.
    • The possibility to open log file in RAC Server in Tools menu.
  • 12 September 2007
    New version 3.2.0 of RAC Client and RAC Server released.
    • The new service Chat and Sending Message to remote computer.
    • Using the current appearance of Windows® in RAC Client and RAC Server.
    • Transfer of hot keys of Windows® system.
    • RAC Client - option automatically place to the right part of the Taskbar (Notification Area).
    • The option to set the automatic transfer data of clipboard.
    • Displaying cursor in the real mode.
    • English localization.
  • 28 June 2007
    New update of 3.1.0 RAC Client released including optimizing the rendering of the cursor in Full control when using Windows Vista™.
  • 19 June 2007
    New version released of 3.1.0 RAC Client and RAC Server that can find out the newer version in the Help menu. Also version numbering was changed, another third number gives the number of update within a version.
  • 8 May 2007
    New version 3.00 of RAC Client and RAC Server released.
    • The option to create a shortcut for a selected connection, allowing the connection to a remote computer without displaying the RAC Client main window.
    • Newer technology of buffer for decreasing the amount of the transferred data by as much as 90%.
    • New icons for working with folders.
    • The option to set the automatic switching off of the compression in the process of connection in a local network.
  • 3 March 2007
    Received and covered orders from 21 March 2007 receive the license for using the prepared version 3
  • 20 March 2007
    New version 2.06 of RAC Client and RAC Server released.
    • Optimization for Windows Vista™.
    • The user can prevent other users from controlling the computer in the process of remote control.
    • Searching computers on network, sample
    • Optional tools in Tools menu.
    • Import/export of the connection in the format of comma separated values (CSV).
  • 7 February 2007
    Update of the version 2.05 RAC Client and server with removing the limit when logging off from Windows® XP when more logged sessions are controlled; the black window would caused that it was not possible to control the remote computer.
    Furthermore the updated version 2.05 of RAC Client enables:
    • adding optional tools to the Tools menu
    • import/export of the connection in the format of comma separated values (CSV)
    The RAC Client update is done by downloading and executing the last installation set. The installator recognizes the last installed version and enables to proceed with the update.
    The RAC Server update can be done using the Reinstall from update feature in the Help menu (the update is done even in case that the version number is not newer). If you do not have this feature then you have an older version and the update could be done using the Start automatic update feature.
    Or using the installation set.

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