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How to pre-set setting for multiple RAC Server installation

Help | How to pre-set setting for multiple RAC Server installation

If installation on more computers is done and the setting is the same or differs in the
operation system version only, you may use for pre-setting the installation wizard
that allows you to copy the pre-set configuration file into the installed
folder of the RAC Server.
The RAC Server configuration is stored in the RACs.ini file that is located in the
RAC Server folder, the default folder of the RAC Server installation is:
\Program Files\PCNetSoftware\RAC Server.
It is enough to copy this file after the installation or using an installer to the RAC Server folder.

How to do pre-setting with installer:

  • Supported by the installation set for 2.04 version of 23/8/2006
  • During the installation the configuration file(s) must be in the same folder as the installation set
  • The configuration file name must match the table below

Automatic registration of license details after installation:
  • supported from the installation kit to version of 30/10/2018
  • In the configuration file, the license data is entered into the section: [AutoLicenseReg] and the keys: LicenseName and LicenseKey
  1. Create the RAC Server setting on a local or trial computer
  2. Test the setting
  3. Copy the configuration file RACs.ini to the same folder where the RAC Server installation set is located.
    The installer enables different configurations for individual versions of the operation system,
    that is why you may possibly rename the file or set another file for different
    operation system version according to the table below:

    Order of Searching FilesFile NameOperation System Version
    1 According to the operation system versionracs_win_95.iniWindows® 95
    racs_win_98.iniWindows® 98
    racs_win_me.iniWindows® ME
    racs_win_nt351.iniWindows NT® 3.51
    racs_win_nt40.iniWindows NT® 4.0
    racs_win_2000.iniWindows® 2000
    racs_win_s2003.iniWindows® Server 2003
    racs_win_xp.iniWindows® XP
    racs_win_vista.iniWindows® Vista
    racs_win_s2008.iniWindows® Server 2008
    racs_win_7.iniWindows® 7
    racs_win_s2008r2.iniWindows® Server 2008 R2
    racs_win_8.iniWindows® 8
    racs_win_s8.iniWindows® Server 2012 R2
    racs_win_10.iniWindows® 10
    racs_win_s10.iniWindows® Server 10
    2 According to technologyracs_win.iniWindows® 95/98/ME
    racs_win_nt.iniWindows® 3.51/4/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista
    3 If it does not find previous racs.iniWindows®

  4. transfer the installation set and configuration file(s) to the computer where you will install the RAC Server or burn on a CD the installation set and configuration file(s) for an installation from CD.
  5. Finally start the installer; if it does find thus prepared configuration file(s) then the file(s) will be copied into the installed RAC Server folder

We recommend you to delete the configuration files after the installation is done on all computers,
archive the CD or discard it so that it cannot be misused.
The setting itself prevents from unauthorized access provided that
no account is set with an empty password that could - based on the settings - betray
information about deficiencies in the setting to an unauthorized person.