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Printing from remote PC to your printer

Help | Printing from remote PC to your printer


Remote printing allows printing from a remote PC to your printer.

How does it work? After connecting to a remote PC, a shortcut of your printer through which you can print will be created in printers in the remote PC. The name of the shortcut is e.g. "My printer (from MyPC) for user Admin".
Please do not change the name of the shortcut of your printer in the remote PC - printing would not work.


In the Full control properties, the Use box on the Print from Remote PC to your printer tab must be ticked. This option is not automatically enabled.

Further, a print driver of your printer must be installed in the remote PC.

For the time being, the RAC System is not able to automatically transfer the printer drivers; to be handled in the following version. If your printer is not created in the remote system, the print driver may not have been found. Print driver must be installed and connection re-established in the remote PC. Information on any error in the installation process will be displayed after establishing connection in the dialogue: Information on the remote print system status. The dialogue can also be opened from the dialogue Information on connection...

Driver installation to the remote PC:
  1. Transfer the print driver to the remote PC from the manufacturer's pages or CD/DVD disk supplied by the printer manufacturer. The print driver can also be installed from Windows Update in the section Printer driver adding wizard, see below.
  2. Division of the first part of the procedure based on the type of operating system:
    1. Windows XP:
      1. Open the control panel Printers and faxes.
      2. Under File, click the command Server properties.
      3. Click the Drivers tab and then the Add... button.
    1. Windows Vista:
      1. Open the control panel Printers.
      2. In the list, click the right button to the blank space and the Server properties... command in the menu.
      3. Click the Drivers tab and then the Add... button.
    1. Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server:
      1. Open the Control panel.
      2. In the panel, open the Administrator tools and then the Printing administration.
      3. In the console tree, roll out the structure Print servers until you see the following folders: Drivers, Ports, Printers...
      4. Click the Drivers folder.
      5. In the list, click the right mouse to the blank space and the Add driver command in the menu. Alternatively, under Actions, click the Add driver command.
  3. Using the Printer driver adding wizard, install the requested print driver.
  4. After successful installation, re-establish connection to the remote PC.


Some printer drivers require direct connection to the printer. It is therefore possible that the remote printing will not be enabled. In such a case, trying to print mostly ends with an error in the print queue in the remote PC. A universal driver of the manufacturer may be used in some cases. As far as connection within the same network is concerned, the printer communication properties also need to be set in the remote system.

When facing a problem with remote printing, we can check if this type of a problem is concerned and whether any other print driver can be used.

The new version will handle this problem by enabling two-way communication with the port of the printer used by some of the printer drivers.

Please send any remote printing problem to the email address . Specify the print driver name, link to the manufacturer pages and problem description in your message.