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RAC Client

RAC - Remote Administrator Control Client (sample)

Operation System:

  • Web browser only RAC Client (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Linux and other platforms), Windows® 10 (32/64-bit), desktop / tablet, Windows® 8 (32/64-bit), desktop / tablet, Windows® 7 (32/64-bit), Windows® Server 2012 (32/64-bit), Windows® Server 2008 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista™ (32/64-bit), Windows® Server 2003 (32/64-bit), Windows® XP (32/64-bit), Windows® 2000, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® ME, Windows® 98, Windows® 95,

Possibilities of connection:

  • Through network with TCP/IP protocol
  • Free through VPC (Virtual Private Connection), controlling the computer without public or static IP address
  • Through integrated HTTP tunnel, using the HTTP tunnel server is free
  • Through unlimited number of RAC Servers, using the Redirect service on RAC Server is free

Connection Records (sample):

  • May be created in folders
  • Folders or folder contents may be moved, copied and deleted
  • The connection can be searched in folders or in list
  • Folders or connection can be exported and imported
  • With multiple connections you may set the same properties
  • In the list of connections you may set the appearance of individual columns
  • You may open a connection for more selected records
  • All active connections are in a well arranged list
  • Import/export of the connection in the format of comma separated values (CSV)
  • Searching computers in the network, sample
  • The option to enter contact details related to a connection
  • The option to create a shortcut for a selected connection, allowing the connection to a remote computer without displaying the RAC Client main window

Remote Control or Viewing (sample):

  • Control or viewing the screen in full resolution or in modes of 15-200% view
  • Control of all relations including the terminal ones in Windows® XP, Windows® Server 2003 and Windows® Terminal Server (Sample Selection of relations).
  • Control of other monitors display (Sample Selection of monitors a Sample Moving a window from primary monitor to a second monitor on remote computer).
    This function also allows controlling local presentations on other monitors in case that they are not directly visible.
    Simply connect to the local computer and select e.g. monitor number 2, move your mouse to the second monitor and you may control the display of this monitor.
  • Setting the control properties using the toolbar or menu (sample 800x600, sample 1024x768)
  • Switching from full screen to normal view by moving the mouse cursor to the upper edge of the screen
  • Transfer of hot keys of Windows® system
  • Print from a remote PC to your printer
  • Transferring and viewing the real mouse pointer position
  • Automatic setting according the connection speed
  • Locking the screen, keyboard and mouse while controlling the computer
  • Recording to video file while controlling or viewing the remote computer
  • Enables setting another resolution of the remote screen while controlling the computer
  • Support of color format - according to the remote system, black and white (1 bit), 16 colors (4 bits), 256 colors (8 bits), high color (16 bits), 16,7 mil. colors (24 bits)
  • ZIP compression in 9 modes and RPC (quarter pixel compression)
  • The option to set the automatically set the compression in the connection within local network (LAN)
  • Before the connection activation you may send the CTRL+ALT+DEL command
  • When the connection is ended you may log off user, activate screen saver, switch monitor to lower power supply or turn the monitor off
  • Enables transferring the clipboard in the following data formats: text, unicode text, rich text, HTML, bit mapped picture; the transferred data can be compressed
  • The option to set the automatic transfer data of clipboard
  • The option of setting the maximal number of screen recovery per second
  • Using the buffer
  • The possibility to switch off the desktop background in the process of control
  • Automatic scrolling of scroll bar according to the mouse cursor
  • Sending hot and natural keys
  • Storing screen to a file or sending it to an e-mail address
  • Automatic connection to a new active session if the existing one is terminated or will be inactive in Full control or viewing

Remote File Transfer (sample):

  • Main properties:
    • Enables to set individual access to selected folders for individual users
    • The files and folders can be copied, moved, renamed, created, deleted, shortcuts can be created, sent to a recipient, sent to desktop, opened, opened with a parameter and their attributes changed
    • Properties of files, folders and units can be displayed
    • Files and folders can be copied and moved between windows using Drag and Drop and clipboard (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X)
    • Files and folders can be copied and moved within the local and remote system
    • Automatic compression of transferred files
    • Joining files
    • folder synchronisation
    • Filtering and marking the folder content
    • With local files and folders the possibilities of Windows® Explorer can be used
    • Enables eject exchangeable medium
    • The content of the local and remote folder is displayed in two well arranged windows with which you can (sample):
      • Display the windows side by side or under each other
      • Swap the windows
      • Switch between the windows with the tabulator or by clicking on the icon of the type of window
      • Change the appearance of columns
      • You may use for navigation:
        • List of available units/folders and special folders
        • History
        • Buttons:
          • Root folder
          • Up
          • Previous folder
          • Next folder

Remote Command Prompt (sample):

  • Main properties:
    • Enables to set individual access to start commands or tools for individual users
    • The result of the command is displayed in a window where you can set the background color, font properties, color highlight, wrapping, pagination... (sample)
    • The main window can be displayed on the full screen
    • The output result can be paged, saved progressively, saved to a text or HTML file and sent to an e-mail receiver
    • For navigation you may use:
      • History of commands
      • History of previous folders
      • Favorite commands
      • System commands and tools
      • Buttons:
        • Root folder
        • Up
        • Previous folder
        • Next folder
        • Go to the beginning of the last command
        • Go to the end

Remote Process Control (sample):

  • End of process
  • Enables setting the process priority
  • Displaying the CPU load and usage of the operation memory
  • Exporting the list of processes to text or HTML file
  • Enables sending the list of processes to e-mail

Remote Recording (sample):

  • Creating profiles
  • Remote recording can be used when controlling or viewing the remote computer or the recording service can be used separately
  • Enables selecting video codec that will be used for recording (sample)
  • Enables setting maximal number of screenshots per second, color format and recording size
  • Enables adding date and connection name to the title
  • The recordings are automatically loaded to a well arranged list
  • The length of recording can be adjusted to the time of recording or to the number of screenshots per second
  • The resulting recording can be played in the internal player that enables 1-200% view or full screen (sample) ; the recordings can also be played in the default player
  • recording only when mouse is moved, when keyboard is pressed or when the screen saver is inactive


  • Allows communication with a remote user through text messages
  • Optional to set:
    • Opening address
    • Name displayed
    • Text properties:
      • Message font and colour sent and received
      • Background colour
  • Close the Chat window on the remote computer after terminating the connection
  • Save the messages automatically after completion
  • Send messages to an e-mail
  • Save messages to a file

Remote Sending Message:

  • Allows to send a text message in the RTF format to the remote user which allows to set:
    • Type, size, style, face, alignment and font colour
    • Highlight colour and background
  • Optional to set:
    • Transparency
    • View in a maximized window
    • Preserve the size of a window set in the preview
    • Sent the confirmation about reading the message
    • Save a sent message automatically for further use
  • Preview option before sending
  • The recipient may:
    • Visit a related website
    • Save the message to a file

Remote PC Shutdown (sample):

  • Restart, shutdown, user log off and remote computer shutdown including the power supply
  • Enables logging off the user terminal relations in Windows® XP and higher
  • Enables fast closing, without the possibility to save the running application data

Switching PC on Remotely:

  • The option to switch a PC on remotely using the WOL (Wake on LAN) feature

Connection Through HTTP Tunnel:

  • Creating profiles
  • Using the HTTP tunnel you can redirect all the RAC services through the HTTP protocol, in case that your access is limited only to Internet sites viewing this enables you e.g. in work to remotely control the computer equipped with the RAC Server anywhere in Internet or another private network; using this option requires your home computer to have a public IP address; the HTTP tunnel can be also used to control your computer at work from anywhere in Internet or another private network
  • Enables connection through HTTP proxy server
  • Compression and encoding of the transferred data
  • Automatic lowering of the maximal number of HTTP updates if there are no data to be transferred in order to decrease the load of the transfer system
  • Enables connection to another private network through HTTP tunnel channel

Connection Through RAC Server:

  • Enables connection of all services through another RAC Server, e.g. in connection between private networks

Remote Installation of RAC Server (sample):

  • Creating profiles
  • You may install the RAC Server to a remote computer to which you want connect and that is not equipped with RAC Server, the installation can be done when you need to work on the remote computer, the installation is fast and safe and can be done only under condition that you have administrator rights; you can do the installation using the system and domain accounts
  • Setting the RAC Server properties
  • Enables uninstalling the RAC Server, the maximal number of uninstallations for one computer is 20
  • The result of installation and uninstallation can be saved to a text or HTML file or sent to an e-mail
  • Summary of installations and uninstallations, when and to which computer they were made

Tools (sample):

  • Optional tools in the Tools menu
  • Tools work remotely on a selected record or upon individual network address that is entered
  • Starting the system network tools:
    • Ping
    • Tracing ping (Tracert)
    • DNS information (Nslookup)
    • Network information (Nbtstat)
    • Event viewer
    • Services
    • Computer administration
    • Windows NT® diagnostics
    • Server manager
    • User administration
    • Connection to remote desktop
    • Register editor
    • Connect network unit
    • Disconnect network unit
  • Internal tools for:
    • Finding out information about DNS, IP, NetBios and MAC address
    • Finding out date and time
    • Sending out message to computer
    • Remote computer shutdown