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Description of RAC Client\Client Lite (hereafter called "application") parameters.


Before using the parameters, you need to determine where the target application will be installed.
Because the path may be different depending on the location.
To create a shortcut, you can use the Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut) option.

Folder description:

  • If the app is installed in the default system folder: Program Files or Program Files (x86)
    are folders in the AppData\Local\PCNetSoftware\RAC Client or AppData\Local\PCNetSoftware\RAC Client Lite user profile.
    If the application is installed outside of the system folder, the folders are in the same folder as the application.
    This can be used when the settings are the same for all users.

    Description of folders:
    • Data: data file connections, folders, and notes
    • Setting: Application settings
    • ChatHistory: chat history
    • MessagesHistory: history of sent messages
    • RemoteInstall: remote installation settings
    • ScreenRecording: a file of recordings


  • -not_main_view
    To start the application without the main window no value is entered, if there is nothing entered the remaining parameters are pointless
  • -run_service
    Specifies what service is started, if there is no parameter entered full control is set (0). Indexes of the individual services:
    Full Control - 0
    Viewing Only - 1
    Command Prompt - 2
    Process Control - 3
    Computer Shutdown - 4
    File Transfer - 5
    Recording - 8
    Remote Installation - 9
    Remote Uninstallation - 10
    Chat - 12
    Sending Message - 14
  • -path_data
    Specifies the path where the data files are located.
    The .dat file contains information about connections. If a parameter is empty, the path to the application location is used. If this parameter is not entered, a connection with implicit properties is created but in this case it is necessary to enter the parameters: name_connection, IP_DNS, user and password. If this parameter is used and connection found out in the .dat file and if there are some parameters entered, name_connection, IP_DNS, user and password are used instead of the values in the .dat file.
  • -file_connections
    Specifies the name of the .dat file, if it is not specified, it is called RACc_connections.dat if it does not exist, the application will not continue
  • -index_record
    Specifies the connection index to be used to create the connection, if it is not entered, its value is 0. If such a connection in not found in the .dat file, the application will not continue. You will find the index when starting the application without the parameters at the end of the list in the "ID" column.
  • -name_connection
    Name of connection, it is used in the names of windows etc., just for information
  • -IP_DNS
    IP address or DNS server to which the connection will be made
  • -user
    Log on name
  • -password
    Password needed to log on
  • -domain
    Domain name, it is not obligatory
  • -index_mutex
    The mutex number that is controlled during the start, not obligatory
  • -registration_name
    The name specifying the one for whom the remote server registration will be made, if not entered, the user is asked to enter the registration data before any connection is made, if the trial version expires or the registration data were corrupted. If both of the parameters are entered, the remote server is registered automatically.
    The automatic registration send the registration data to the server and the server verifies the data and if everything is all right the server is registered, otherwise the connection is closed.
  • -registration_key
    The registration number for registration of a remote server, valid as in case of the registration_name parameter
  • -no_tcursor
    Not transferring the mouse pointer, if specified, no parameter needed "-no_srpcursor"
  • -no_srpcursor
    Not displaying the real position of the pointer
  • -no_realcursormode
    Displaying cursor in the unreal mode


  • If the parameter is entered in the form of -parametrxxx"" it is understood as if not entered, only in the "-password" parameter it is taken as an empty password.


  • c:\RAC Client\RACclient.exe -not_main_view -path_data"" -index_record"1"

    In this case all the information for building the connection will be used
    from the Data\RACc_connections.dat file that is in the application directory.
  • c:\RAC Client\RACclient.exe -not_main_view -path_data"c:\RAC Client\Data" -file_connections"connections.dat" -index_record"1"

    In this case all the information for building the connection will be used
    from the connections.dat file that is in the directory c:\RAC Client\\Data.
  • c:\RAC Client\RACclient.exe -not_main_view -path_data"c:\RAC Client\Data" -file_connections"connections.dat" -index_record"1" -name_connection"Test" -IP_DNS"localhost" -user"test" -password"test"

    In this case the entered information for building the connection will be used and the other information
    from the connections.dat file hat is in the directory c:\RAC Client\Data.
  • c:\RAC Client\RACclient.exe -not_main_view -name_connection"Test" -IP_DNS"localhost" -user"test" -password"test"

    In this case the entered information for building the connection will be used and the other information will be set implicitly. If there is anything set by the user,
    these will be lost when the connection is closed.
    Only some common properties will be saved to .ini (window size, column width, sorting etc.).